[BlueOnyx:08629] Re: Subject line admin mail messages

Barry Mishkind barry at oldradio.com
Mon Sep 26 17:26:43 PET 2011

Hello Michael, 

At 08:52 AM 9/23/2011, Michael Stauber wrote:
>> Active Monitor has detected recent changes in the state of your server
>> appliance.For more details, please see the Active Monitor section of the
>> Server Desktop.Summary of changes: *
>>  -
>>  -
>>  -
>OK, to get rid of these particular "empty" message, go to "Active Monitor" / 
>"Settings" and move the monitoring of "Disk Integrity" to the righthand site 
>into the field "Components not monitored". Which is where it belongs on a box 
>without software RAID.

        Disk Integrity was on the right hand side, along with Network Status.
        The left hand side shows the other 12 selections. 

        Any other suggestions?
>"Active Monitor" (which sends notification emails on certain system events) 
>will sometimes mail with "admin" and sometimes with "root" in the sender 
>address. System cronjobs (Logwatch, etc.) typically mail with "root" in the 
>sender address. Yeah, this is a bit inconsistent, I know. But it's just a 
>minor irritance, as like said: Mail to "root" and "admin" ends up in the same 
>mailbox (that of user "admin") anyway.

        That I see, as well as a way to change the recipient, if desired.

        Thanks very much!


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