[BlueOnyx:08635] Re: MySQL

Martyn Bailey martyn at solis.co.uk
Tue Sep 27 06:30:24 PET 2011

On 26 Sep 2011, at 22:03, Michael Stauber wrote:

> > So, this is mt first of many "I'm not really a clueless newbie,
> > honest" queries - there will be many more to come, I assure you.
> Sure, bring them on. :-)

You _really_ don't mean that ;-)
> > BTW - Michael Stauber, did you ever release MyDNS as a
> > package for BO/BQ?
> Yes and no. I have a MyDNS PKG for BlueQuartz and I'm actually still
> using MyDNS myself. Never got around to market it off my site, or to
> build a BlueOnyx version of it. There was just too little demand to
> make it worthwhile.
> But as I have to move my MyDNS from BQ to BX soon when I retire my
> last two BQ boxes), I'll build a BlueOnyx PKG for it, too. Even if
> I'll be the only one using it. ;o)

Well, I'd buy it - so that makes two of us.  I've not found a better 
alternative and TBH, a database driven system is the ONLY sane 
way to go about DNS management IMO.

I may keep a couple of BQ boxes going just for this if you fancy 
selling me your BQ PKG?  It'll be a piece of cake to migrate over 
should you develop it for BO.

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