[BlueOnyx:08659] Re: Email issue

Mark E. Levy mark at levysplace.us
Wed Sep 28 09:21:26 PET 2011

Thanks, Jeff. I found the problem, it wasn't a BO issue at all. It was an IP routing issue. the BO box didn't have connectivity to some of my other internal systems, but it could route out to the Internet. 

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On Sep 28, 2011, at 7:57 AM, Mark E. Levy wrote:
> Jeff,
> That is correct, we're not using email on BO. I do have a relay server set in the advanced email config, but I don't see any of the emails going through it. The site in question is based on WordPress, and I suspect that it's not using Sendmail.
> Thanks,
> Mark

Wordpress uses sendmail, through a php function. It can be configured to use SMTP instead... Here's a lead:



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