[BlueOnyx:08662] Migrating Drupal 6 from BQ to BO

Martyn Bailey martyn at solis.co.uk
Wed Sep 28 10:46:45 PET 2011

First (actually, probably second) of many migration queries...

I've copied a Drupal 6 site over from BQ to BO - used database 
import via phpmyadmin - all sort of seemed alright, but some of the 
functions have stopped, and various parts of the site simply don't 
seem to work.

I'm guessing (and it is just that) this is down to different versions of 
MySQL - but obviously, could be wrong could be permissions 
somewhere that I've missed - or anything really!

Before I go hacking around and potentially make it all worse, has 
anyone else encountered (and resolved) this?

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