[BlueOnyx:08666] Re: Auto Reply issue

Chuck Tetlow chuck at tetlow.net
Wed Sep 28 21:44:11 PET 2011

That error could happen if you've got a brand-new user account and that particular user hasn't received any e-mails yet. 

I observed that the creation of a new user account for a site doesn't immediately create that user's home directory.  Its only created when its needed to store something - like a e-mail in the "inbox" file.  So if the user account hasn't received a message yet - the home directory may not have been created yet.  I had this exact thing happen under the older BlueQuartz.

And if the user's home directory hasn't been created by a incoming e-mail - you'd get that error when the vacation message script tries to create the .forward file.  In the times that happened to me, I simply sent a test message to that user account/name.  The home directory was created along with the inbox file, and everything worked OK afterward.

Good luck and let us know if that's the problem.


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> All,
> Just the topic alone is enough to make us all groan.  Personally, I hate auto-replies.  I have searched all of the archives and I am stumped.   Using the vacation message (auto reply) function on Blue Quartz, I am getting the following error message (see below) I have substituted user-name and user at domain.comm for actual values.
> A few notes.   
> I do run OpenWebmail but have disabled the vacation and forwarding functions as described in the archives [BlueOnyx:07596].   This is strictly the vacation auto reply function within the GUI of Blue Quartz (not Blue Onyx).
> I have checked via SSH and the path and file names are correct, however the error message of "No Home Directory" would seem to indicate a file rather than a directory.  
> Permissions appear to be the same among similar sites and files.   In this case some files are owned by user-name.site8 and others are owned by user-name.users.
> Any ideas on the cause or solution to this?   I am currently moving sites over to a Blue Onyx server but in the mean time I have users who are frustrated their auto-reply function does not work.
> Thanks in advance...
> Dan Porter
> Twin Wolf Technology Group
> ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors ----- 
> "|/usr/local/sbin/vacation.pl /home/.sites/75/site8/.users/11/user-name/.vacation_msg user-name" 
>    (reason: 1) 
>    (expanded from: <user at domain.com>) 
>   ----- Transcript of session follows ----- 
> No home directory for user /home/.sites/75/site8/.users/11/user-name/.vacation_msg 
> 554 5.3.0 unknown mailer error 1 

 Final-Recipient: RFC822; user at domain.com 
> X-Actual-Recipient: X-Unix; |/usr/local/sbin/vacation.pl /home/.sites/75/site8/.users/11/user-name/.vacation_msg user-name 
> Action: failed 
> Status: 5.0.0 
> Diagnostic-Code: X-Unix; 1

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