[BlueOnyx:08670] Re: home directory suggestion

Mike sunlist at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 29 08:30:23 PET 2011

> I am consitently having problems with web developers trying to ftp upload
> the site pages and putting them into the web folder for their personal
> pages, then complaining that they can't see the site!

> Is it possible to make the site admin home directory at the top level so the
> web folder they see is the correct site folder? Or perhaps even rename it to
> something obvious website instead of web? 
> Another idea is if personal pages is unticks then no to creat a web folder in their home directory.
> Pehaps the admins can have a symbolic link to the site pages in their home
> directory?

I am for educating users instead of fixing something that's not broken on server-end,
or as someone suggested, turn-off the personal web option then remove the personal
"web" folder.  It's not that difficult to include in your instruction for user to use WinSCP
or such to go to /home/www.yourdomain.com/web directory.

-- Mike

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