[BlueOnyx:08678] Re: home directory suggestion

Michael Stauber mstauber at blueonyx.it
Thu Sep 29 20:57:47 PET 2011

Hi Chuck,

> Yep - I just checked that on my test 5107R box.  When I created the site
> www.test.com and the user test_admin, it created the user's home directory
> with /web in it.  Even though the "Enable user owned webs" was off in the
> site creation.

Yeah, the user's /web directory and the index.html in it are always created 
when the user is created.
> Maybe we should change the configuration so those /user/web directories are
> not created unless that box is checked.   That might help with the
> confused users who don't know where to drop the site's files versus their
> private webpage's files.  That way, the /user/web directories are not
> created by default - and we should have fewer calls from idiots.

No, this ain't gonna work, nor is it a really good idea, as it will create 
tons of headaches along the way:

When suPHP is enabled for a site, user owned webs are turned off, because they 
will not work with suPHP turned on.

But we certainly don't want to delete user owned webs whenever suPHP is turned 
on. Likewise, we wouldn't want to re-create user owned web directories and the 
index.html when suPHP is turned off on a site that previously had it on.

If we simply don't create user owned webs on user creation (or name the 
personal /web folder for them differently, like /userweb), this creates issues 
with CMU.

If we switch that behaviour at runtime, there will also be transitional 
problems and confusion.

I agree that the situation - as is - ain't perfect. But it's rather an 
educational problem. A siteAdmin simply needs to make sure that he uploads to 
the right /web directory. That shouldn't be that hard to manage. And as for 
user owned /web directories: If they work, that's just a bonus, but if they 
really want a real website, they should get their own Vsite.

With best regards

Michael Stauber

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