[BlueOnyx:08683] /etc/hosts file

Mike mike at leawood.com
Fri Sep 30 10:03:47 PET 2011


I have multiple IPs assigned to each host.  However, when I review the
/etc/hosts file, I'm seeing all the IPs assigned to the primary host.
Is this correct or do I need to manually edit this file to have the
correct server to the correct IP?

# /etc/hosts
# Auto-generated file.  Keep your customizations at the bottom of this
# file.        localhost localhost.localdomain
x.x.x.1          server1.domain.com server1-eth0.domain.com server1-eth0
#END of auto-generated code.  Customize beneath this line.
### Begin - Nuonce hosts Fix
x.x.x.1    server1.domain.com
x.x.x.2    server1.domain.com
x.x.x.3    server1.domain.com  server1.domain.com
###  End  - Nuonce hosts Fix

I searched the mailing list but I'm not seeing this topic mentioned.
.2 should be server2 and .3 server3 etc.  All inputs are welcome.
(Everything works, so it's not urgent, more curiousity.)

Thank you.


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