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"Søren S. Straszek" dump_mail at straszek.dk
Fri Sep 30 12:39:17 PET 2011

Den 22/09/2011 kl. 13.51 skrev Michael Stauber:

> Hi Søren,
>> I am trying to use the suphp function on a site, but when i enable it, the
>> site suddenly gives  "Fatal error: Call to undefined function
>> mysql_connect()" on db-connections
>> Any suggestions on how to find the problem to this?
> Are you by chance using a third party PHP package on that server? If so, it 
> may be an older package of mine which is not yet suPHP ready, or which was 
> created before we allowed for the separate php.ini's for suPHP enabled sites. 
> In that case (depending on which version of my PHP PKG it is) one possible 
> remedy may be to turn suPHP off, save the changes and turn it back on. If that 
> doesn't help, you'd need a newer PHP PKG.
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> With best regards
> Michael Stauber
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Hi Michael,

I updated to your 5.2.17 package, and i got a bit further, but now the site i have enabled suphp on gives the error:

"Internal Server Error

Directory "/home/.sites/143/site2/web/site" is writeable by others

suPHP 0.7.1"

I have set  web ownership to a siteadmin on the site.

Any advice ?



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