[BlueOnyx:11105] Re: Exim instead of Sendmail?

Roy Urick rurick at usa.net
Sat Aug 4 13:17:18 PET 2012

We cannot use a catchall. 

 If a message for john.smith at domain.com doesn't exist on the BO box, we need
the mailer to forward the message to another mail server where it should
exist (and let that server decide whether to return it or deliver it to the
john.smith mailbox where John will be checking mail)

This is part of a migration to another platform that cant easily be switched
all at once. Long story. 

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We are needing to do something sendmail doesn't appear to support; 
forwarding no such user messages to another server instead of rejecting or 
sending into a catch-all. (I think they call it a fallback server)

I have been told Exim can do this.  Anyone know if its possible to switch 
from sendmail to exim on a BlueOnyx box?


It seems like a catchall with a  forwrad set up on it would do the exact 
same thing.

Ken Marcus
Precision Web Hosting, Inc.

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