[BlueOnyx:11118] Re: squirrelmail and suPHP

Jon McCauley jon at ontarioweb.ca
Tue Aug 7 10:16:27 PET 2012

On 8/2/2012 1:58 PM, Michael Stauber wrote:
> Hi Jon,
>> I also notice it can not find the username/password so it may be a
>> bigger headache then its worth....but would be nice
>> FYI admServ still works if log in already
> Yeah, I just played with it and released an update to SVN:
> http://devel.blueonyx.it/trac/changeset?new=914%40%2F&old=912%40%2F
> It's a triple headache:
> a.) Cannot substitute /etc/httpd/conf.d/squirrelmail.conf directly, as
> it's owned by the 'squirrelmail' RPM. So I have to bring it aboard as
> squirrelmail.conf.bx. Then I cannot copy it, because that would also
> cause an RPM conflict during install. But I can 'cat' it. So that's what
> I have to do.
> b.) If a PHP newer than 5.2 is installed, we get the deprecated
> warnings. I added some lines to squirrelmail.conf to suppress these
> warnings on the public Apache. But then authentication doesn't work, as
> the session stuff is simply not working the same way as Squirrelmail
> expects them to work. Can't fix that.
> c.) Restarting Apache during a YUM update is always a pain in the ass.
> We now have +17.000 5106R's running worldwide. If I release this as a
> YUM update, several thousands of them will have a dead Apache as it will
> simply not restart right. Even the next Active Monitor won't fix it, as
> in the failure case we simply have loads of dead httpd child processes
> hanging around (without master process), which are counted as "running".
> I'll release it in [BlueOnyx-Testing] now, but I'll most likely not push
> it out with the mandatory Apache restart in it, as that has the tendency
> to do more harm than good.
Michael, I did a yum update for the base-squirrelmail and all is very 
well....nice job bud on this fix

Best Regards, Jon McCauley

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