[BlueOnyx:11137] Mailman in Blue Onyx

William Thackrey wethackrey at gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 13:52:44 PET 2012

I wonder if anyone on the list has experience with the Mailman implementation in BlueOnly (5108R).  At one point I used Mailman pretty extensively, but the BO implementation has me stumped.

When creating a mailing list named "listname" from within the BlueOnyx GUI, the Mailman implementation names the list nnn-listname at host.domain.com (where nnn is some random number) Since this list is intended as an email role address, what we need is just listname at domain.com.  For example support at mydomain.com.  A mailing list name of 520-support at www.mydomain.com  is unacceptable.

So... I figured I'd just go to the Mailman admin pages and create the list from there.  Trouble is, I get an error response claiming I don;t have permission to create a mailing list.  I'm logged in as the server administrator.

Two questions:   1) Is there a way to set the Mailman defaults so that it doesn't add the arbitrary number in front of the list name and also so that it doesn't use the host name?  and 2) what user has permissions as the Mailman admin?


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