[BlueOnyx:11139] Re: Mailman in Blue Onyx

Barry Mishkind barry at oldradio.com
Fri Aug 10 00:10:05 PET 2012

At 08:15 PM 8/9/2012, Michael Stauber wrote:

>The mailman admin pages should not really be used to create lists, as
>these lists will no longer be compatible with BlueOnyx. So they cannot
>be managed through the BlueOnyx GUI and they cannot be migrated with CMU.

        I wish I had a GUI or admin page of any sort.
        There does not seem to be any in the BX admin at all.

        Right now, the only way I can add a mailing list is
        to do it on a command line and edit the alias list.
        This usually works, but sometimes even though
        the configuration file shows the other domains,
        email for the list is rejected.
        On the other hand, I do get an error message
        each day that some file - I suspect the daily
        list of bouncing/problem addresses - cannot
        be generated.... 

        Can you give me a short clue as to how I can
        integrate mailman better? We are using V2.1.9,
        that Chris G said needed some "tweaking" to
        install with BX.

        I don't want to break BX or mailman, but it 
        sure would be nice to solve this.




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