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Chuck Tetlow chuck at tetlow.net
Fri Aug 10 09:41:55 PET 2012

I don't see what the big deal is - just change the list name so it shows the way you'd like it to display!

When you create the list - it will add a numerical prefix.  OK, that's internal and no big deal.  The prefix is needed by the BlueOnyx system to keep the lists and components separate.  Don't bother trying to get rid of it - I spent hours and can't do it.  And even if you could - you'd probably break something else.

So just leave the internal name alone and set the list name to what you want.  Start by going into the "MailMan Admin interface".  You first have to set a password in the Mailling List Advanced tab - but you can get into the MailMan Admin controls.  (PS - I found that right-clicking on the "MailMan Admin interface" button and opening it in a separate tab works best).  Log in with the password you just set in the Advanced tab.

First, in the "General Options Section" - set the "Prefix for subject line of list postings" to the actual name you want for the list.  This will now display the correct list name without the prefix on each list posting.

Then go into the "Privacy Options" and "Recipient filters" - and set "Must posts have list named in destination field" to NO.  If its set to yes - e-mails to the list must have the internal list name with the numerical prefix on them.  If no, it will accept the name you want without the numerical prefix.

And finally - go to the "Non-digest options" section and change the "Footer added to mail sent to regular list members" by taking out the numerical prefix.  This will now show the correct list names & URLs when that text is added to the bottom of each e-mail.

Wa La!  Your list now works right and shows the right name.

Believe me - that took a bit of time to figure out.  But it works and now all the lists for all the non-profits I host are working correctly.


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> Hi all, 
> >> Mailman 
> Like said: If one really wants mailing lists without numerical prefixes, 
> then there is the "Site Prefix" feature. If it's enabled, lists will be 
> created with the site prefix instead of the numerical prefix. 
> Tobias wrote: 
> > I would highly appreciate if the lists are created without prefix. 
> > And I even cannot see the need of the prefix. As far as I can see 
> > it is only used as an email address and this already has to be 
> > unique for every domain. 
> That requires additional checks to determine if that alias (all all 
> iterations of it used by the list) are free, which can be done in a 
> handler. But if "Site Prefix" is enabled for that site, you get a 
> prefixed mailing list address again. If we exclude mailing lists from 
> prefixing, then that defeats the purpose of the "Site Prefix" feature. 
> Rickard wrote: 
> > it shouldn't be to hard to add a public alias to the name, Michael? 
> Possible,it boils down to two days of coding and testing at the least to 
> make sure it all survives CMU as well. But for what gain? 
> Guys, I look at it this way: The mailing lists work. If it ain't broken, 
> don't fix it. Especially not for something that's just cosmetics and eye 
> candy AND already provided through another feature: Site Prefix. 
> EVENTUALLY this might be tackled in one way or another. But I don't see 
> it happen this year. Unless someone else does it. 
> -- 
> With best regards 
> Michael Stauber 
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