[BlueOnyx:11152] Re: Moving Mail

Colin Jack colin at mainline.co.uk
Fri Aug 10 16:28:24 PET 2012

Ahaaa Š just needed to go into settings in RC and subscribe to all the

Thanks Michael.


On 10/08/2012 21:26, "Michael Stauber" <mstauber at blueonyx.it> wrote:

>Hi Colin,
>> We have a number of clients who are using OpenWebMail and have created
>>dozens of folders and now want to move to Roundcube.
>> Is there any way of moving their mail with all folders?
>The folders from OWM are IMAP compatible folders, so any IMAP client
>(including RoundCube) should see them right away.
>With best regards
>Michael Stauber
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