[BlueOnyx:11201] Re: domain name with accent

Dogsbody dan at dogsbody.org
Tue Aug 21 08:39:33 PET 2012

Internationalized Domain Names come in two forms, the displayed version 
and the Punycode version.

Use the Punycode version in BO/BX and everything will work just fine.

There are converters online that allow you to swap from one to another.


On 21/08/12 14:28, Frank Soyer wrote:
> maybe do you know that, since july, the AFNIC (french association for
> management of TLD like ".fr"), has enabled the creation of domain name
> with accents.
> Of course, BO say "web server alias is invalid" if we try to add this
> kind of names.
> Is there a way to enable that ?

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