[BlueOnyx:11232] Re: Setting language for spamassassin

Michael Stauber mstauber at blueonyx.it
Wed Aug 29 12:21:35 PET 2012

Hi Wisja,

> I've been playing with the language settings, but still get 2 languages when receiving 
> a tagged spam e-mail. So first part is in English and second part is in Dutch. After 
> that the normal message is displayed.

I also fell into that trap. :-)

I sent a message that sure would get tagged as SPAM from server A to
server B.

However, server A already marked the outgoing message as SPAM (with
English texts from the unmodified SpamAssassin). Server B then also
tagged it as SPAM and added the Dutch texts to it that we actually wanted.

That is why I was under the assumption that the suggested modification
would produce dual language notifications. But the notifications were in
fact from two different servers. This became only clear to me when I
compared the notifications and noticed that only 80% of the rules were
the same, but in the Dutch texts a few extra rules had been added, which
had been triggered after the relaying from server A had kicked in.

Try it again by sending your test-SPAM from the same box where you
modified SpamAssassin.

With best regards

Michael Stauber

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