[BlueOnyx:10703] Re: vSite aliases not working

Jon McCauley jon at ontarioweb.ca
Sat Jun 2 20:19:59 PET 2012

On 6/2/2012 9:07 PM, Gerald Waugh wrote:
> On 06/02/2012 07:18 PM, William Thackrey wrote:
>> Gentlemen –
>> One of our BlueOnyx servers has an issue where none of the web site
>> aliases are working.  Instead it redirects to another vsite.  This is
>> true of all web site aliases for all vsites.  The primary web URL for
>> each vsite works correctly.  We've restarted cced.init and httpd as well
>> as the server itself.   Ideas anyone?
> Check the /etc/httpd/conf/vhosts/sitex files
> You should see
> # owned by VirtualHost
> NameVirtualHost ip.add.re.ss:80
> # FrontPage needs the following four things to be here
> # otherwise all the vhosts need to go in httpd.conf, which could
> # get very large since there could be thousands of vhosts
> ServerRoot /etc/httpd
> <VirtualHost ip.add.re.ss:80>
> ServerName www.domain.tld
> ServerAlias domain.tld
> If you don't see "ServerAlias" then check the GUI settings.
> Site Management ->  (select a site)
> then look at
> Services ->  Web ->  Web Server Aliases
> Nrmally you would see domain.tld in the text block (no host name)

In the past I have seen a few alias not working on the 5102R and 5106R
Just remove the alias in the GUI / save and re add would fix the 
issue...never seen it fully server side mind ya

Best Regards, Jon McCauley

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