[BlueOnyx:10719] Php oddness

Barry Mishkind barry at oldradio.com
Mon Jun 4 13:45:52 PET 2012

Hi there.

Sometime in the past ten days, something has happened to make a couple of
pages on the server - pages that use php - display the text php file rather than
to show the pages as expected. A user happened to mention it offhandedly that
he was looking at a bunch of text.   And so it was.

I tried looking at the php page under Services. It says that Register Globals
and allow URL open and URL include are all set to "off" ... 

I then looked at the Web services page. The only boxes not checked      
are Enable suphp and web alias redirects.

Just to check it for a moment, I checked the enable suphp and
the pages came up.  I then 'unchecked' the enable suphp to double check
and the pages *still* come up normal.

At the moment, the pages load right, but I thought I'd pass this
oddness on in case someone knows what happened and why.


(BTW, when you click on the ? for help, it says there are no documents.)

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