[BlueOnyx:10721] Re: proftpd won?t start

Robert Fitzpatrick robert at webtent.org
Mon Jun 4 15:13:23 PET 2012

On 5/8/2012 11:05 AM, Michael Stauber wrote:
> Hi Jan,
>> Maybe Michael has a clue?
> Not sure what's with these ProFTPd problems. All the boxes that I updated in 
> between had no issues with the update. 
> This time around I even made sure that the update retained the ProFTPd config 
> file that you had before - instead of writing a new one from scratch like it 
> was usually the case.
> So it would be helpful if I could get access to a box where ProFTPd is not 
> working to see what's going on there.

FYI - Just reading this thread now, I had the same issue with Proftpd
not starting on a 5106R this past weekend. It runs in standalone mode
and I didn't try to solve, I restored the backup proftpd.conf file and
all started and seems to work fine. Seems I shoulda had this problem a
month ago since this server updates every weekend, checked the logs,
didn't come in until this past Saturday :-/

Please let me know if there is some special reason I should run the
default .conf file that came with the update. I didn't see anything that
looked needed using diff.


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