[BlueOnyx:10758] Re: Number of audit daemon stops: 3

Greg Kuhnert gkuhnert at compassnetworks.com.au
Fri Jun 8 15:57:01 PET 2012

On 6/8/2012 2:37 AM, Fred Bowditch wrote:
> Number of audit daemon stops: 3
> **Unmatched Entries**
> lookup_read_master: lookup(nisplus): couldn't locate nis+ table 
> auto.master: 3 Time(s)
> Then it drops everyone and asks for login but will not allow users to 
> login.
> What could be causing this?

Sounds like nsswitch.conf has been modified. Have a look and make sure 
that it contains entries like the three lines below .... without trying 
to use any other authentication stores.

passwd:     files
shadow:     files
group:      files


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