[BlueOnyx:10760] Re: Joomla update for 5107R

Greg Kuhnert gkuhnert at compassnetworks.com.au
Fri Jun 8 23:19:28 PET 2012

Hi Chuck.

On 6/9/2012 9:15 AM, Chuck Tetlow wrote:
> Hello BlueOnyx experts,
> I'm wondering if anyone can help me with a slightly off-topic question.
> I migrated sites (all free hosted for non-profit groups) from a 5106 
> to a 5107R BlueOnyx server.  About a week afterward - we realized the 
> Joomla sites had a problem.
> It appears the Joomla sites which are all Joomla1.5.10 won't work with 
> the newer PHP5.3 on 5107R.  The Joomla1.5 was written to work with the 
> older PHP5.1 on the 5106R.  And it results in some of the menu 
> functions completely broken.

Before answering your question - let me just say this. Running old 
versions of webapps is not a good idea. That version of joomla is quite 
old, and has a number of high risk vulnerabilities - some of which 
include SQL injection vulnerabilities which could allow an attacker to 
modify mysql database content. See the CVE link below for more 
information on vulnerability details.


> I've found that Joomla.org put out a updater that will take Joomla1.5 
> to the current Joomla2.5 version.  But you must first manually update 
> your 1.5 to the latest 1.5 version - 1.5.25.  And that's where I'm 
> stuck.  I can't find anything on how to update these 1.5.10 to 1.5.25 
> so I can then use the Jupdater to get to 2.5.

1.5.25 is no longer available - There is a 1.5.26 version available. I 
would guess (you should confirm) that the updater will also work from 
1.5.26. Instructions to update to 1.5.26 are available here

You can probably use the tool from that point onwards.
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