[BlueOnyx:10763] Mailman questions

Gregg greggk1 at cox.net
Sun Jun 10 15:20:26 PET 2012

I just upgraded one of my servers from BlueQuartz to the BlueOnyx 5107r. I
followed the instructions on the site to the letter, and everything went
great. I'm noticing though that the mailman is not working properly, or it
didn't get all the configurations from the cmu. First of all, on the main
server configuration, mailman has only an option to enable it and to access
the admin interface. There is a build in password but it's not changeable?
Then when I go into a particular site, and check out the mailman for the
site, it does show the groups that were on bluequartz, but they are all
empty, there are no users and it also takes a long time to load. Did I miss
something during the cmu process?

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