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Bill Hicks billhicks at netstep.net
Mon Jun 11 06:15:08 PET 2012


I am not an expert on the MySql and BlueOnyx but I am (pretty) sure there is no connection between the MySql root password and the password you set for root in the Gui for BO. The reason I feel confident in this is on one of the test boxes I use PhpMyAdmin always yells at me that I havent set the root password yet and it is set in the Gui for root.

Bill Hicks

  Hello everyone – 
  We may have dug ourselves a hole here.  In trying to restore a vsite from one server to another, the mysql database for the site's drupal instance didn't get set up.  We figured 'no problem' and started to add it from the command line since the mysql dump file exceeded the 8MB limit of phpMyAdmin.  At that point we realized that the mysql root password was unknown.  We tried everything we might have set it to.  We tried setting it in the BlueOnyx GUI without success.  So we stopped mysqld, restarted mysql in safe mode, set a new root user password, stopped mysqld and restarted.  So far so good.  We can now log into mysql as root.

  The trouble is, phpMyAdmin now will not connect and stays in a perpetual loop connecting and transferring data.  We assume the password the GUI is using for the root user is wrong.

  Using the new root password in the B;ueOnyx GUI "password change" page we changed the password for user root and then changed it back again to what we want it to be.  Using /usr/sausalito/bin/cceclient when logged in as root, we see the correct password in the MySQL object.  Running the /usr/sausalito/bin/cceclient while logged in as admin, there is no MySQL password.

  Can anyone suggest what we may have broken?  If this is a credentials issue, where is the password set that the GUI uses to connect to MySQL?

  Thanks in advance for any tips.

  William Thackrey
  wethackrey at gmail.com


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