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Wed Jun 13 08:07:12 PET 2012

Hi Bill,

I will try to anwser some of the last questions:

Is the server bad - Probably not, but there is a very small possibility it is.
Is the cable bad - Dont think so, that would result in read/write errors, not bad 
could I have had 2 bad HD's in a row. - Yes, that is very much possible, why do you 
use 20 or 80GB drives? Are you sure they are new (and haven't been laying somewhere on 
a shelf for a long time)
Could a bad cable cause it to have exihibited these problems? No see 2.
Or could it be the server? No dont think so, see 1
What about memory? No that will never break a HDD, impossible.
It has never crashed or rebooted in the months - thats also why I dont believe it to 
be the server (or memory) self.

So to be short, run an hdd diagnostic tool, most of the manufacturers have tools for 
testing "death" drives. It must be recognized by the BIOS in order to work if its not 
even recognized then all (normal) hope is lost.


On Wed, 13 Jun 2012 08:44:35 -0400, Bill Hicks wrote
> > One of my BX servers crashed last night and when it restarted it says 
> > there
> > is no OS found. Is there a rescue mode for this server, tehre are only a 
> > few
> > sites I need to get off of there but they are all mysql so I need to
> > hopefully get the mysql databases.
> >
> > BTW Michael this is the same sarve you looked at for me a few months ago
> > that "forgot" all the user passwords. I had put in a new HD and 
> > reinstalled
> > everything thinking it was a bad HD, it appears that was not the issue.
> >
> > Bill Hicks
> I found the Rescue mode, the partition table was destroyed so it appears 
> there is no restoring from it. Maybe you learned souls out there could tell 
> me does this sound like just bad luck with this server or an HD issue:
> 1. It is a SuperMicro 2U with Quad processors with 3 GB of ram. It 
> originally had a 20gb drive (this is one of 6 that I have all with the same 
> specs)
> 2. Back in February when adding a new site via the gui it reset itself and 
> from that point forward you could not log in via the gui - it believed it 
> was an initial install. It seemed to narrow down to the passwords getting 
> currupted. You could log in via ssh. http, php and mysql was still running 
> on the server.
> 3. I backed up all the sites (was only 3) and replaced the 20gb with a new 
> 80gb hd. Reinstalled 5106r, did all the updates and rebuilt the sites on 
> March 1st.
> 4. It has been running fine for the past 2 1/2 months, doing updates running 
> sites etc.
> 5. Today I get my notices that 5 servers have updated but this one didn't so 
> I go to log in via the gui and get a blank screen, in the address bar I see 
> it was redirecting me to intro.html (seen this before)
> 6. I log in via ssh to see if maybe it is loocked up on the update or 
> experiencing a DOS. When I get in and su to root I do a "top" to see what is 
> happening and I get "Bus Error". Wow never seen that before.
> 7. I do a /sbin/shutdown -r now to reboot, system stops in ssh. Still able 
> to get websites on it and I am still getting the same emails when I check 
> the mail (same email over and over again). I try ssh again, wont let me in, 
> after giving password it just stops. If I try ssh under a user that doesnt 
> have access I get access deined so somethign is working.
> 8. When I get to office I try ftp, and it just locks up.
> 9. I try ssh again, nothing.
> 10. I go to the server (luckily they are in next room from me), plug in a 
> monitor and I see scrolling continuously HD sector error and a number - this 
> is not good.
> 11. I reboot the server with ctrl + alt + delete, starts up, bios message - 
> OS not found
> -- Move server to office for detailed work --
> 12. Start server - HD not found. What - Wiggle IDE cable - start again - OS 
> not found
> 13. Move cables, HD not found, on s9ome reboots, OS not found on others, 
> changed cable, OS not found consistantly and when I run the rescue mode I 
> get continous errors and then it says the it doesnt have a Linux partition
> So what should I conclude here, Is the server bad, is the cable bad, could I 
> have had 2 bad HD's in a row. Could a bad cable cause it to have exihibited 
> these problems? Or could it be the server? What about memory? Could a memory 
> failure cause this? It has never crashed or rebooted in the months I have 
> had it like other bad servers I have had in the past, it has never given me 
> any grief other than this.
> Bill H
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