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Wed Jun 13 08:18:19 PET 2012

I do agree with Chris, it seems the server is pretty old. I dont agree on the 
controller on the motherboard side, it will probably be the controller (on the PCB) on 
the HDD itself.


On Wed, 13 Jun 2012 07:58:34 -0500, Chris Gebhardt - VIRTBIZ Internet wrote
> Bill Hicks wrote:
> > 12. Start server - HD not found. What - Wiggle IDE cable - start again - OS 
> > not found
> > 13. Move cables, HD not found, on s9ome reboots, OS not found on others, 
> > changed cable, OS not found consistantly and when I run the rescue mode I 
> > get continous errors and then it says the it doesnt have a Linux partition
> > 
> > So what should I conclude here, Is the server bad, is the cable bad, could I 
> > have had 2 bad HD's in a row. Could a bad cable cause it to have exihibited 
> > these problems? Or could it be the server? What about memory? Could a memory 
> > failure cause this? It has never crashed or rebooted in the months I have 
> > had it like other bad servers I have had in the past, it has never given me 
> > any grief other than this.
> Hi Bill,
> Ouch.  If it were me, and that was my box, I'd toss it in the recycling 
> pile right away.   What you're explaining sounds like a drive controller 
> gone bad, and that's likely on the mobo, right?  Also, you mention "IDE 
> cable".  That tells me the server is VERY old, and therefore it 
> shouldn't "owe" you anything more.
> Sure, it's possible you could fix it, but I really start to wonder about 
> the reward for all the work you'll be doing on it.  At best you end up 
> with an old server that you can "maybe" trust for a while.  If you're 
> just playing around with a hobby, then perhaps that's an option.  If you 
> have any customer data on it, I'd just skip the heartache altogether. 
> Replace that physical server with a VPS somewhere, or if all of your 
> servers are of similar/same spec, then you might consider dropping a 
> couple/few hundred dollars on a system that you could replace all your 
> boxes with and virtualize everything.
> But that's another decision... what you have immediately asked about, 
> well, it's probably just a sign of age.  Capacitors breaking down, 
> soldering-points failing, or other failure.  The fact that it's 
> intermittent is ugly in itself.  It's unlikely to be RAM.  Do yourself a 
> favor and scrap that hardware.
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