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Colin Jack colin at mainline.co.uk
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Hi Roy,

We have done this fairly regulary when moving Exchange Servers for clients to new offices.
We have a little BX unit specifically for it (installed on a little Shuttle so it can be carted about easily).

On the BX box setup DNS to point to localhost only
Put an MX record for all the domains to be relayed with the new mx record (pointing to new site)
Add domains into mail domains allowed to relay.

Point old mx to BX box and it will queue up all the mail until the new box comes on line on the new mx. It will then forward all the mail to the new server.


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We are in the process of doing  a slow migration to another platform and plan on using our BO box as a relay.

Is there an easy way to forward the emails to another server that would normally be dropped for "no such user"? We are changing the format of our email addresses as we migrate, so it seems like the easiest way to go.
Here is the plan in my head so far... We setup a new mailbox on the other server as bob.smith@ (with an alias of bsmith) when his old address was bsmith at . We would .forward his bsmith mailbox to the bob.smith address. When a message is received at the old server for bob.smith (or any other nonexistent mailbox) it would be forwarded to the new server (and that server would determine whether it should be delivered or returned as NSU). If the message was for bsmith, the .forward would take over and the previous step would happen.  Then eventually once all of the mailboxes were migrated, we would change the MX record to the new server and shut down the old.

Does this seem doable?

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