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Greg Kuhnert gkuhnert at compassnetworks.com.au
Sat Jun 16 21:39:22 PET 2012

Hi Mike.

On 6/17/2012 9:08 AM, Harm van Houten wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> I've installed the solarspeed package of picture gallery, only after 
> the user walked through the setup process he gets an 500 internal 
> server error, and i cant seem to find the cause of it, anyone had 
> similar issues? PS I already posted it to the support of solar speed 
> but over the last 4 weeks I haven't had an answer yet.

FYI, this is a Compass package sold via the solarspeed store.

If you have not purchased through Compass directly, you are still more 
than welcome to post to the Compass forum to ask for any assistance.

With regard to your problem - the answer will usually be found in the 
apache log files on your server. Modules are tested and built so that it 
will work on a cleanly installed 5106/5107/5108 server. If your vsite 
PHP settings are non-standard, you may experience problems.

To help you out in this instance, I will build a clean blueonyx server 
with a clean vsite and install gallery to verify if it works as 
expected. Please contact me off-list to confirm what version of blueonyx 
and what version of gallery you are running.

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