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Dr. Blunt cleardata at earthlink.net
Sun Jun 24 11:21:24 PET 2012

It seems when the ownership is changed to apache the files read
apache:site_owner since I manage all the 15 WPs sites it is an easier
situation that the one you have to address. As noted the suPHP just
doesn't run consistent throughout the sites for me. In times past I changed
the ownership to apache and did the WP update. Having installed nearly
two dozen WP sites one would think I could have figured this out by now.
I pulled two WP sites up side-by-side from the command line and made
them both the same according to the one that was working but that
didn't help. I am still doing some research in the WP forums but they
point toward ownership and file permissions issues. I am running dir 755 and
files 644. Keep me posted if you find something and I will try it on my end.


At 07:41 AM 6/24/2012, you wrote:
> >I have tried this on several occassions for WP and it seems to be a hit and
>Hi David,
>My problem is that I have users with WordPress as only part of their site.
>If I have the wp-content folder owned by Apache then the user can upload
>files via the admin panel as well as FTP to other areas of the site. I
>imagine if I had all WP files owned by apache:apache then they could update
>the engine as well.
>It just seems odd that a user can change the ownership from apache to a site
>admin user but not the other way around.
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