[BlueOnyx:10861] Re: Web Ownership

Wayne Michael wrmichael at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 25 07:18:25 PET 2012


It is all about security.  If you allow anyone to make Apache an owner then anyone could find a flaw and get into your system. 

I use wordpress with suPHP and each site has an owner. 

not sure how I would handle a site that needs suPHP/wordpress and parts of it not configured like that. 

Almost all my site are enabled with suPHP for security reasons.

If it came down to a need I believe i would setup another sites (perhaps xxx.sitename.com for wordpress and yyy.sitename.com for other stuff). 

If your other code cannot run in the suPHP environment you might consider why and see if you can work around that instead.  it would be the "SAFER" thing to do.

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