[BlueOnyx:10901] Re: Why refresh proftpd.conf when reboot ?

Chris Gebhardt - VIRTBIZ Internet cobaltfacts at virtbiz.com
Thu Jun 28 11:49:40 PET 2012

Eiji Hamano wrote:
> Hi  Support 
> Why is this support to answer by selecting the problem?
> Or
>>From a lack of explanation of my English?
> The modifications of proftpd.conf  are  
> "SetEnv TZ", "TimesGMT" and "ListOptions" etc.
> We need the modifications with BO in our region.
> Eiji Hamano

Hi Eiji,
Unfortunately I am not certain that I understand your question 
perfectly.   But I will try to answer.

Did you set the Time Zone in the BlueOnyx GUI?  That should be in Server 
Management > System Settings > Time.

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