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Chris Gebhardt - VIRTBIZ Internet cobaltfacts at virtbiz.com
Thu Jun 28 11:59:24 PET 2012

Bill Hicks wrote:
> I installed BX5106r on the Toshiba NB505 netbook. Using this iso: 
> BlueOnyx-5.6-20110621 (i had it already and have used it a few times in the 
> past 6 months so I know it works fine). After the install I ran yum update 
> and it found 580+ updates and it installed them. Afterwareds it wanted to 
> reboot which I let it do. After reboot it could not find eth0 or eth1 no 
> matter what I did. I just reinstalled and did not run the yum update and it 
> is working fine. What could be in the update that caused it to forget the 
> ethernet ports it found on installation?

Without some more diagnostic review, it's really hard to say.  It could 
be that udev loaded in some new drivers on the update and subsequent 
reboot and that the NICs were afterwards recognized as, say, eth2 and 
eth3.  It wouldn't be the first time I've seen that.

> I am gonna try to install the latest 5107 now and see how it works.

That's what I would recommend at this point.  I just wouldn't advise 
installing any 5106R on a new system.  Even though the underlying EL5 
will be supported until Mar 31, 2017, the focus for development is 
certainly with EL6 that underpins 5107R and 5108R.

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