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Thu Jun 28 14:13:32 PET 2012

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> Hi Ken,
>> Is it possible to enter domains in the GUI that have the character
>> "ä" in
>> them?
> Yes, that is possible, like Christoph Schneeberger said. You have to
> use punycode for that.
> So if the Vsite should be named "www.domäne.de", then the punycode
> equivalent would be:
> www.xn--domne-ira.de
> So you create the Vsite using the above punycode iteration and set the
> hostname to "www" and the domain name to "xn--domne-ira.de".
> There are a couple of converters online, which help you to do the
> conversion. I usually use this one:
> http://phlymail.com/punycode/
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> With best regards,
> Michael Stauber


Thanks, that does work!

Ken Marcus
Precision Web Hosting, Inc.

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