[BlueOnyx:10916] Strange sendmail behavior

Chad Bersche chad at bersche.com
Sat Jun 30 12:24:59 PET 2012

I'm having a strange problem with my sendmail, and am wondering if there 
might be any gurus that can tell me why this is happening. Searches on 
my own have not yielded anything definitive.

I updated my DNS provider yesterday, and as part of that update, the DNS 
provider created mx host entries (i.e. mx.domainname.com) that pointed 
to their mail forwarding service (which I do use).  However, the odd 
thing is that after this happened, I notice in my outgoing mail log that 
the relay host is now using mx.domainname.com rather than the Smart 
Relay host that I had set up (and which I want outgoing mail routed 

My question is this:  Why would sendmail use relay=mx.domainname.com 
when a Smart Relay host has been set up?  How can I stop this behavior?  
I've hacked around it for right now with a host entry that points 
mx.domainname.com to the IP address of my smart relay host, but that's a 
true hack, and one that I don't think I should have to make.  I also 
need to keep the mx.domainname.com entries in my DNS so that my external 
mail fowarding/spam filter can process the mail before it routes to me...

Any help or recommendations very much appreciated!

   -- Chad

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