[BlueOnyx:11643] Re: Serious issues with Kernel 2.6.32-279.11.1.el6

Jason Ozin bluequartz at ozin.com
Tue Oct 30 17:59:21 EDT 2012

With very many thanks to Jean-Dominique Leca how mailed me with the
following that worked 


This is "fixed".
If you're using an i686 kernel, you have to rebuild the Hyper-V components
against the 2.6.32-279.11.1.el6 kernel.
Don't know why it wasn't necessary with the x86_64 kernel.

prerequisites :
- remove the hyper-v components
- boot using the latest kernel (2.6.32-279.11.1.el6)
- if necessary, add a legacy network card for remote access (facilitates

Steps to rebuild :
- setup a working rpmbuild infrastructure
- install the kernel-devel package
- from the LinuxICv34 iso and as a normal user, install the src.rpm package
(rpm -ivh microsoft-hyper-v-rhel63.3.4-1.20120727.src.rpm)
- this will install an hyper-v.spec file into your ~/rpmbuild/SPECS
- as a normal user, cd to ~/rpmbuild/SPECS and run 'rpmbuild -bb
- this will compile the hyper-v components agains your current kernel and
build the related rpm packages.
- install the new RPMs, first kmod-microsoft-hyper-v and after
microsoft-hyper-v (rpm -ivh .).

The issue is related to the ata_piix driver, when the hyper-v components are
working, this driver is removed and replaced with the hv_storvsc driver
(/etc/modprobe.d/hyperv_pvdrivers.conf : install ata_piix  { /sbin/modprobe
hv_storvsc 2>&1 || /sbin/modprobe --ignore-install ata_piix; }

I wasted some time because my first approach was to patch the ata_piix
driver, but it turns out to be quite unsuccessful (i even try to backport
some code from the 3.6 branch, guess what happened.).
So the obvious fix is to rebuild the hyper-v components.


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Following my request below. Can anyone point me in the right direction to
help me debug this?

I'm concerned that once the kernel upgrade bug is fixed I will be forced
onto the new kernel and have two broken servers.



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Serious issues with Kernel 2.6.32-279.11.1.el6 on two different servers

If anyone can help I would be most appreciative.

Currently running:
Kernel Version: 2.6.32-279.9.1.el6.i686 (SMP) i686 As a Hyper-V virtual
guest with MS Hyper-V components installed (Linux Integration Services
Version 3.4 for Hyper-V)

At the moment 5107R still has the kernel upgrade bug where a kernel upgrade
does not take effect unless you manually change /boot/grub/grub.conf

So I noticed that Kernel 2.6.32-279.11.1.el6 had been installed and thus I
edited /boot/grub/grub.conf  in 3 places to use this new Kernel.

Booting into the Kernel works and the server becomes responsive on the
network for a few seconds then something major crashes and takes the server

The console shows all sorts of strange output but the last two lines are:

[<c052e0a1>] ? sys_read+0x41/0x70
[<c0409a9f>] ? sysenter_do_call+0x12/0x28

A screenshot of the console output is here:

I can't see anything particular in dmesg but if you want to take a look it
is here:

Editing /boot/grub/grub.conf to use 2.6.32-279.9.1.el6.i686 (SMP) i686 fixes
the issue so it seems to be something about this new Kernel.

Any ideas where I should start looking?

Thanks in advance


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