[BlueOnyx:14228] Re: (SOLVED) Re: Control panel is Not removing vsite user email aliases blocks from the access file - User unknown error

David Hahn blueonyx at sb9.com
Sun Jan 5 08:24:15 PET 2014

Here is what I found to be the problem...

If you check the users 'Disable User's Email' Check box, once you do
and if there are aliases present  the GUI will add the
'User unknown' blocks to the /etc/mail/access file. Once its in there 
the GUI don't like to remove them.
(it puts them there but won't remove them when the box is unchecked and 
(remove the aliases first!!!) and not check the box is a better way to 
not allow user email.

Even after deleting the entire site, it will remain a problem. Run:
# grep thedomain.com /etc/mail/*

### Start Block Email for User: user on Virtual Site: www.thedomain.com ###
user.alias at www.thedomain.com             ERROR:5.1.1:550 User unknown

### END Block Email for User: user on Virtual Site: www.thedomain.com ###

you will still see the removed domain's blocks still in the access file 
list. You will need to remove all traces
of the blocks for that user from the access file or you will get the 
user unknown error forever for any alias in the Email Aliases
text box. Just remove them save, and not tick the check box.

HTH fix the user unknown errors on valid user aliases.

Many Thanks to all that helped.
Could not do it without you all. Get better Michael, the flu sucks and 
is bad here in the states.

Thank you very much

On 1/4/2014 4:43 PM, David Hahn wrote:
> The user thing seemed to fix itself on reboots. Waiting for propigation
> to take effect.
> to see if the user unknown still happens..
> Thanks
> David
> On 1/4/2014 2:32 PM, wcstaff at webcoast.com wrote:
>>> Both lines match exactly.
>>> Could DNS MX records have a effect on this User unknown issue?
>>> TIA
>>> David
>> I don't think so. If you have the Vsite set up properly, you should be able
>> to add users. I suggest completely removing the Vsite, then re-adding it.
>> Set up the DNS for it and then add users.
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Thank you
David Hahn
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