[BlueOnyx:14312] Server Status & Newsletter Updated Info

Greg Kuhnert gkuhnert at compassnetworks.com.au
Sat Jan 25 22:12:22 PET 2014

Hi all.

I have two brief bits of news for everyone...

1. The shop websites and newlinq were down for a couple of hours earlier today. I would like to say that the cause of the outage was due to the hundreds of people flocking to the store for our sale, but that was not the reason. Like many servers on the internet, we've been under a heavy attack for the last few weeks. The infrastructure was handling it quite well. In particular DFIX2 was picking up most of the problems. However, I needed to turn off DFIX2 temporarily while doing some work earlier today. I forgot to turn it back on. I went out for 3 hours, and when I got home, the server was on its back with its legs in the air. Sorry about the outage everyone.

2. I have received a number of emails asking about how to sign-up for the newsletter. This is how to do it....
Go to the store webpage
Click "My Account"
Click "Newsletter Subscriptions" in the menu on the left.
Make sure the checkbox "General Subscription" is ticked and click SAVE.

Greg Kuhnert.
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