[BlueOnyx:16962] Re: BlueOnyx 5209R BETA released

Roger Elve elvesaether at gmail.com
Thu Feb 5 05:13:43 PET 2015

Hi Michael and thanks for your continuous efforts on this project!

> An ISO image and an Aventurin{e}/OpenVZ OS template are available at the
> usual download locations. A how-to for a manual install of BlueOnyx
> 5209R is also available.

I have a question regarding the intended availability of the OpenVZ templates.
In short: will the new templates be made available for general usage,
or should they be seen as part of the Aventurin{e} platform.
I have "plucked" the 5209R ostemplate made available for Aventurin{e}
and fired it up on our in-house virtualization software, but I'll
suspend that activity if it's unwanted by the BlueOnyx maintainers.

Roger Elve

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