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Dudi Goldenberg dudi at kolcore.com
Fri Feb 6 18:05:32 PET 2015

Are you sure the sites are indeed over quota?

Looks like no site is over quota, empty list.

The site lite below and disk quota/usage should verify that.


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Since we are talking about quotas and since the normal "Call em every 
Friday Clients" aren't calling today.. :-)


System Status  | Disk Usage | Sites Tab

In the "Over quota sites" area I get a whole bunch of blank listings?

49 of them

Screen capture here

I have 85 sites on the server

I ran the two commands below hoping but nope didn't fix.
I think I have tried this one other time when I saw Micheal mention it


Any ideas how to fix this up?



> Hi Jeff,
>> After upgrading from 5108 to 5208 I noticed that the disk space allotted to
>> many of my users doesn't match the values shown in the Usage Information >
>> Disk Space report.
>> Some are set to 0 others vary wildly and it's causing lots of quota-busting
>> this morning.  Any ideas?
> >From SSH as root run these two commands:
> /usr/sausalito/sbin/disk_restorequotas.pl
> /usr/sbin/swatch
> The first command will read the quota limits of users and Vsites from
> CODB and will set the limits to the filesystem.
> The second command is the active monitor component which monitors
> services and quotas. It will push the current actual disk usage of users
> and Vsites back into CODB.
> After that your quota should be good again.

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