[BlueOnyx:17006] Re: BlueOnyx 5209R BETA released

Gregg K greggk1 at cox.net
Sun Feb 8 16:03:53 PET 2015

> Hi Gregg,
> > This is repeated over and over, and at the bottom there is the license
> > agreement.
> > Is this normal? Or should I try to reinstall the system.
> Please try the initial setup again. There is a good change that some of
> the setup scripts in the back weren't finished yet when you tried. Give
> them some time to finish the initial setup before you finalize in the
> GUI.

I did keep trying, and after a while I was able to complete the setup, and
everything in the gui seems to be working fine.  I guess I was too eager to
click!!!! :)


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