[BlueOnyx:17011] DNS Import

Richard Barker admin at probass.com
Mon Feb 9 13:01:31 PET 2015

Two days ago I did a dns import on a 5208R server all was imported and 
tested, today
I went to uport and DNS was all gone?
Used these instructions
*** Restore DNS & Additional Directories ***

Step #1 - Make a directory:
           mkdir /home/restore

Step #2 - Change Owner Ship to Admin:
           chown admin /home/restore

Step #3 - Upload, as admin, hostname.of.source.dirs.tar.gz to /home/restore

Step #4 - Telnet/SSH as Admin to your Server

Step #5 - Change user to root:
           su - root

Step #6 - Change Directory:
           cd /home/restore

Step #7 - Move the file to your / directory:
           mv hostname.of.source.dirs.tar.gz /

Step #8 - Change directory to your "root":
           cd /

Step #9 - Extract the file:
           tar zxvf hostname.of.source.dirs.tar.gz

*** Continue, only if you backed up your DNS ***

Step #10 - Make a working directory:
            mkdir /tmp/dns_import

Step #11 - Move your old records to work dir
            mv /var/named/chroot/var/named/db* /tmp/dns_import

Step #12 - Import your records:
            /usr/sausalito/sbin/dnsImport.pl /tmp/dns_import


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