[BlueOnyx:17037] Re: YUM Error

Michael Stauber mstauber at blueonyx.it
Wed Feb 11 15:57:58 PET 2015

Hi NETgemacht,

> after removing this files yum update succeeded. But now I get
> the error "MySQL connection cannot be established. Check settings."
> in the GUI.

We do have this textfile on all BlueOnyx servers in the very same
directory where the YUM repository config files are located:


The same place where you had installed the Epel and Remi YUM repository
config files.

This is what the file says:


Do NOT use RPMForge!

Do NOT tie your server into third party YUM repositories UNLESS they are
certified for BlueOnyx.

Third party YUM repository servers (*especially* RPMforge!) replace
onboard RPMs with versions that conflict with BlueOnyx. That will then
break the GUI and will cause service outages.

The damages that this will cause may not be easy to repair.

If you require specific software that's not present in the CentOS, SL or
BlueOnyx YUM repositories, then consider asking for it on the BlueOnyx
mailing list to check what other peoples experiences with it are.

The mailing list can be found here:


Thank you.

Team BlueOnyx


So your server was tied into third party YUM repositories (despite all
warnings) and it probably did run a YUM update against these third party
YUM repositories.

That's what makes things break.

There could be a number of reasons why your MySQL connection is not
working. The most likely is mentioned above.

The Remi repository for instance contains updated MySQL and PHP
packages. So at this point we can't even say if you still have a MySQL
or PHP installed that is compatible with BlueOnyx PHP modules needed for
the GUI.

A good start would be to run "rpm -qa|sort" to get a list of installed
RPMs (and their version number) and post that to the list. Also checking
the entire log history of yum.log to see what got installed and when.

The next steps would involved to find all "unsupported" RPM's and to
remove them and to replace them with the "stock" versions from the
CentOS/SL and/or BlueOnyx YUM repositories again.

You see where I'm getting at. It's a lot of work and effort.

With best regards

Michael Stauber

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