[BlueOnyx:17044] Error in Services -> Web caused DB to be deleted

Richard Morgan :: Morgan Web richard at morgan-web.co.uk
Fri Feb 13 08:50:06 PET 2015

Well this gave be a stronger than average heartbeat for a few minutes...
server: build 20140909 for a 5208R in en_US, fully YUM'd up.


I went to an existing site which has a MySQL DB in use created by the BX UI.
Web -> Services and made a change to the Web Server Alias.  This included a
mistake which the UI told me about.


The checkbox for MySQL User and Database was then no longer checked (but I
didn't notice).  Therefore correcting the error and saving caused the DB to
be deleted.


Fortunately I could restore from a backup and all was fine again, but I
think this one needs a bit of attention.  If someone could kindly (and
carefully) confirm this behaviour it would be appreciated.


Thanks, Richard


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