[BlueOnyx:17068] Re: BlueOnyx 5209R BETA released

Ernie ernie at info.eis.net.au
Mon Feb 16 21:43:54 PET 2015

On further investigation, with firebug, most of the delay in going to the
Server Management tab is the newsfeed loading, for some reason the old theme
handles it faster, their is a slight extra delay in 5209R with the grey layer that
covers the window when it's loading, but most of it is the news feed.

- Ernie.

> Hi Michael,
> I am finding the 5209R GUI to be a lot slower than 5207R for example
> clicking on the Server Management tab when you are in the Site Management
> can take 9-10secs when I try the same thing in 5207R it's almost
> instantaneous, like udner a second. Any idea why this mignt be so?
> Both versions are running on the same piece of hardware as Proxomox VMs. 
> I have not used the new GUI before, I tend to stick to the old TrueBlue 
> theme because my users go back to the RaQ 550 days, so they know where 
> to find things, but I am happy to try new ideas too.
> Testing with Firefox 35.0.1
> Tried Safari on a Mac too and it also has the same speed differences between
> the GUI's.
> - Ernie.
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