[BlueOnyx:17077] Re: Upgrades and package questions

Michael Stauber mstauber at blueonyx.it
Thu Feb 19 22:10:36 PET 2015

Hi Michael,

> I have seven 5108R's that I am getting ready to upgrade to 5208R with
> instructions from http://www.blueonyx.it/index.php?page=upgrade 
> I have a few questions that I hope some folks can help with.

Very well.

> 1. AV-SPAM. I will be buying the new AV-SPAM and I notice it says it is for
> ALL BO systems. Do I upgrade AV-SPAM before or after the 5208R? Do I
> uninstall the old AV-SPAM first? Is there anything I need to watch out for?
> 2. PHP. I have updated PHP on all the servers too. What PHP comes with
> 5208R? If I buy packages for PHP do I do that before or after? Is there
> anything I need to watch out for? I want to make sure I am running at least
> PHP 5.4 for all sites.

If you upgrade from 5108R to 5208R and already have PKGs installed, then
there is just this to consider:

- Does the Package have GUI components?

That would be a "yes" for the AV-SPAM, the Automated Backup and some
others. Those (and just those) are the ones that you'd need to upgrade
to get the GUI bits for 5208R. All newer PKGs come with the 510XR and
520XR GUI elements.

That's why it doesn't matter if you upgrade the AV-SPAM (and others)
before or after you upgrade to 5208R.

The best way to upgrade a Package is *always* this: Uninstall the old
Package first, then install the new one.

> I have older self-install packages that work fine for Backup, APF & BFD will
> those continue to work on the 5208R since they are already on the servers?

Yes, except for the Automated Backup. There you would need to get the
latest version from NewLinQ so that you get the new GUI for it. In that
case just get the support extension for the Automated Backup and it
should be fine.

> I hope so since the SPAM-AV and PHP are already going to cost me more than
> $1000.

The shop applies bulk discounts if you buy larger quantities in one go.

So 8x AV-SPAM and 8x PHP would add up to $1,727.12 USD (undiscounted)
and the shop will automatically apply a mass-discount that brings the
total down to $669.25 USD. That would be without support.

With 1 year of support and updates that boils down to $2,907.52 USD
(undiscounted) or $1,126.67 with the discount applied.

Adding 8x the 1 year support extension for the Automated Backup will not
add that much to this order. But hang in a second and I'll contact you

With best regards

Michael Stauber

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