[BlueOnyx:17086] Re: 5208R Upgrades and question

Michael Aronoff maronoff at gmail.com
Sun Feb 22 02:05:23 PET 2015

Michael Wrote:
> On the New GUI the default for everything is 10 which is lower than the
old GUI. Where in the new code is that 10 selected?
> I understand if you have reasons for keeping it low but I want to be able
to manually change it myself.

I found the answer myself.

It is in /usr/sausalito/ui/chorizo/ci/application/views/pluginsmin.php

Here is a simple command to change it to 50.
sed -i -- 's/this._iDisplayLength=10/this._iDisplayLength=50/g'

Ok so for the next item I want to change the login timeout. I leave a
browser open and I hate that I always have to login again when a client

There is "protected $_csrf_expire                 = 7200;" in the file
Is this the right thing to change for the login cookie?


M Aronoff Out

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