[BlueOnyx:17091] Re: 5208R Upgrades and question

Michael Aronoff maronoff at gmail.com
Sun Feb 22 16:24:11 PET 2015

Michael wrote: 
> But while we're talking about it: How long would we want to set the
timeout at the most? I think 60 minutes is
> reasonable. 90 or 120 minutes? No problem. But much longer than that? The
longer we set it, the more
> "convenient" it might be for power users. But it also make it more
dangerous to not log out. Someone could
> hijack your idle session.

I do understand that as a control panel/appliance software you need to keep
things basic for as wide an audience as possible. So while for me, I think
120min would be perfect I understand it might not be right for everyone.

In the end the best solution for now would be to simply change everything to
be a real hour and this is fixed with the simple change to the php.ini

Longer term if you could get the -st working properly then "power users"
such as myself could use little hacks like I do to make it anything we want.

I understand this is all lower priority stuff though. Thanks for your time
on it.

In case anyone else wants a work-around, I did change the php.ini value so I
now have a real hour. I then found a chrome extension called Auto Refresh
nlnbgbmfalko?utm_source=chrome-app-launcher-info-dialog) and I have it set
to refresh the tab every 55 min. This keeps the session active and has been
working perfectly for the last few hours.

M Aronoff Out 

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