[BlueOnyx:17092] Two small 5208R bugs

Dogsbody dan at dogsbody.org
Sun Feb 22 17:22:52 PET 2015

We upgraded one of our 5108R machines to 5208R last month.  Stirling 
work Michael and everyone involved.  Thank you.

We have found a couple of bugs though! :-)

These just happened to us again when installing the updates that came 
out two days ago.

1) PermitRootLogin is getting overwritten as the only option is yes or 
no.  We have SSH locked down to certain IP addresses via iptables and so 
allow root to login "without-password".  I'm sure you know that this 
means root can only login with a key while stopping anyone from logging 
in as root with a password even if they have the right one.  We use this 
for a number of scripts which break every time we do an update :-)

2)In the same vein /root/.bashrc is re-created each time we update.  We 
have to remove the echo lines as rsync doesn't like it.  We are happy to 
do it once to each box but it keeps coming back again on update.

Thank you.


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