[BlueOnyx:17139] Roundcube problem

lewisg lewisg at iglou.com
Thu Feb 26 10:35:03 PET 2015

I was having problems with email as detailed by a earlier post on the 
this newsgroup. Getting no reply and needing working email my partner 
pressured me into a long postponed server upgrade. I installed 5208R on 
a new box, did the migration using the excellent "CMU MIgrations" 
instructions and installed the Roundcube package. When attempting to 
login to Roundcube I get:

Connection to storage server failed.

I did the Google and found the mySQL checks and performed them. On both 
444/webapps/webappsetupsql and 444/mysql/mysqlserver the GUI reports:

MySQL Status: MySQL connection possible with this settings.

I'm at a loss since I can't find a Roundcube log or simple 
troubleshooting steps.

Any ideas?

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