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Ken Hohhof khohhof at kwom.com
Tue Nov 13 14:09:47 -05 2018

Maybe they could afford something like Mailchimp?



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Hi Chris, 

You and Ken both have very good points.  And they are the exact points I've
made to the CEO of the hosting company I support.  I've complained about
this customer many times, as they've repeatedly gotten the hosting company's
servers Blacklisted.  Then I'd be responsible to move them to a new server,
or change the server's IP - so mail would start flowing again for other
sites on the server. 

But the CEO won't do anything, as they are a ministry and he's already lost
a lot of paying customers.  But then of course, when a server gets
blacklisted or backscatter problems start affecting other sites - BlueOnyx
and I get the blame.  And he won't listen when I say "I told you this would

I've also suggested Constant Contact or another bulk e-mailer.  But the
ministry doesn't want to pay $$, so I'm guessing my CEO is probably
providing service free for a 501C3, or at least a discounted rate. 

As for the idea of them using a different "Reply To" address - I'll suggest
that.  But from what I've observed - the ministry people are fairly computer
illiterate, and it would have to be office techs going out there to set that
up.  So it may not happen. 

So while I know I'd be treating symptoms, and not fixing the root of the
problem - I'm just hoping to do the easiest/quickest patch that I can do to
stop or at least slow the backscatter.  That's why I'd hoped to configure
Sendmail to stop sending bounces to the bounces it receives.  These errors
just keep going back and forth, building up and building up. 


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> Hi Chuck, 
> On 11/13/2018 11:22 AM, Chuck Tetlow wrote: 
> > I can and have been dumping them into a separate folder, to get them out

> > of the queue - but I'd like to prevent them going there in the first 
> > [UTF-8?]place.� So I was wondering if anyone knew how to set Sendmail
so it 
> > would NOT generate a bounce message when it can't deliver a incoming 
> > message. 
> Ooof!  That would be a massive misconfiguration.   Also, you'd be 
> treating the symptom, not the problem. 
> As an alternative, why not simply set the reply-to address on the mass 
> e-mail to a specific return address.  That way, bounces would go into 
> that box and someone could go through and prune out addresses from their 
> list so they won't even get attempted the next time.   Simply set that 
> as a POP account and fetch all the messages out without leaving a copy 
> on the server. 
> That way your server will receive the NDRs which could be used by the 
> sender and it won't be replying to the NDRs that a box is full. 
> Also, you may want to have that organization consider an alternative 
> such as using Mailman or even a 3rd party mailing list rather than 
> copy/pasting a giant list of addresses in the "To" field of an email. 
> It is, after all, 2018. 
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